Fetishist Seeks Expert Foot Lickers

I am a fetishist woman who wants to be able to live a perfect foot worship relationship, devoid of any inaccuracies.

Not only in search of the classic man who, when he sees a beautiful and well-groomed female foot like mine, panics because he doesn’t even know where to start to make our meeting perfect.

On the contrary, instead, I want to have by my side a true expert foot lover who slowly takes off my shoes and begins to take care of my lower levers, thus allowing me to rediscover the pleasure of a perfectly consumed relationship, without any limitation and especially without me getting bored for a single second.

I want to feel the warm hands of my lick that slowly massage my lower levers, making me rediscover unique sensations of pleasure.

I am a very sensitive woman in the feet, so I expect the massage to be done with extreme care: every moment must be a strong intense moment that allows me to enjoy.

The moment of licking must be magical, that is to make me rediscover that really strong pleasure of seeing my man while he takes care of licking my feet.

Rest assured, as I am a clean fetishist who loves to have her feet worshiped after a nice hot bath, making intercourse enjoyable for both of us.

Let me feel your tongue on the back and on the sole: if you can make me enjoy in this way, know that I am ready to give you back the maximum pleasure by touching your huge cock using my small lower levers, which allow you to reach an intense orgasm .

Obviously the foot worship practice has to be very long and sensual, as I love to enjoy while you stand with my foot in your warm and deep mouth.

Only with a person expert in this practice can I define myself happy, since I want to enjoy every single moment and experience emotions that are really strong and that make sure that I, finally, can have the opportunity to enjoy myself as very few other times. it happened.

Let me hear your tongue and let me shout with pleasure: with me you will not regret having licked my feet, since I will know how to reward you properly.

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