Foot caresses – the road to pleasure

To add variety and brightness to intimate life, many people use foreplay and touch. But, touching each other’s bodies, few people remember that you can caress your feet. Namely, this part of the body can bring great pleasure, cause arousal and even give an orgasm. But in order to bring unearthly bliss with the help of caressing feet, you need to properly stimulate them. Wondering how to do this?

Features of foot massage

Both men and women enjoy foot massage equally. In order not to spoil the pleasure and not to feel embarrassed in the process of caressing, it is imperative to wash your feet well and do a pedicure. If you want to suddenly please your partner with such unusual caresses, then take a bath together, during which, as if flirting, wash his feet. In this case, he will definitely not suspect anything.

It is best to massage with a special aromatic oil that improves the glide of your hands on the skin and helps warm up your feet. With a pleasant scent from oils, it is easy to catch the right mood and relax.

1. It is better to start massage after the partner is well aroused. Gradually descend from head to foot using gentle kisses and teasing touches.

2. Then rub the muscles on the calves with your palms.

3. Now make a squeezing motion from the knees to the ankles. After compression, you should change to soft touches, and repeat the path along the same section.

4. Massage the ankles. This is where the sensitive spot is. With your hand, you need to grab the leg in the ankle area and make movements with the foot in a circle in different directions.

5. The greatest pleasure will be from massaging the heels. First, you can gently pinch this area, and then stroke it. From such an impact on the heels, your significant other will experience even more excitement. And indeed it is! Since there are many nerve endings on the heels.

6. From caresses of the heels, you can move on to the impact on the foot, performing rubbing strokes. This can be done in a circular motion with the pads of the thumbs with slight pressure. In this way, massage the area from the toes to the heel. The massage can be performed until the pink color appears. This is a signal that blood circulation in this area has increased and it is time to start more sensual caresses.

7. Gather your fingers into a fist, and then slide your knuckles along the entire length of the foot. Such actions will help the body to relax and release tension.

8. Then you need to go to the massage of the fingers. This is done again in a circular motion with the pads of the thumbs. This should be massaged from the beginning of the finger to the nail pad.

9. Next, grasp the base of your fingers with both hands and gently remember this area.

10. The foot massage ends with kisses. Gently touch each toe in turn with your mouth, or run your tongue over the skin of your fingers. Now it is clear why you need to wash your feet well before the massage? Kisses and touches should be done slowly, let the other half feel every moment of these unusual caresses.

How else can you stimulate your feet?

A piece of ice will give you interesting sensations . Take it with your fingers and gently walk over the arch of your foot. But you don’t need to get carried away too much, otherwise the legs can be cooled until a cold appears. So nothing will be left of positive impressions. Since the feet are a very sensitive area, they can be tickled, for example, with a feather. Such touching will bring extraordinary experiences. After all, tickling in this part can cause the strongest arousal.

Mutual foot massage will also be fascinating . You can also do this while watching a movie or broadcast. It is enough to sit opposite each other and stroke your partner’s legs with light, gentle touches. It will be a great end to a hard day at work.

There is no need to give up such a simple pleasure. So try to massage your feet at least once and give pleasure to your partner. We guarantee that he will definitely do something nice for you in return.

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