I am your junoesque fetishist, the one who loves to be licked all over and who wants to have your tongue spread on every part of my body.

Ready to use your mouth to let me experience moments of pure, unique and intense pleasure?

A chubby woman who loves to be licked

I love to madness to hear your warm and eager tongue that is slowly being used to bring me infinite pleasure, of those that upset me and leave me breathless.

I want to feel your tongue starting to lick my beautiful feet.

I’m sure you are a true lover of this part of the female body, so prove it to me.

Slowly take off my sheer stockings and smell the good scent of manicured and enameled feet that will drive you crazy with pleasure just by looking at them.

But don’t spend too much time admiring them but take action, making me feel intense feelings of pleasure without dead moments.

Lick them all, from the sole to the fingers, which must be rigorously sucked and let me feel how excited you are: with the other foot I want to offer you a stimulus that only a fetishist like me, a lover of beautiful and warm mouths like yours, wants to try .

But I’m not just a beautiful woman who wants to feel your tongue only on my divine feet, which must be worshiped for a long time.

I want your incredible mouth to also be used to offer me great pleasure throughout the rest of my body and one of them is my huge and luscious boobs.

From breast to pussy, lick me all

You start tasting my neck and slowly go down with your mouth until you reach my immense breast, offering me a moment of extreme pleasure that leaves me breathless.

I want to feel both your tongue and your teeth: give a light bite to the nipples and suck my tits well making me enjoy.

Your mouth must be an instrument of pleasure and I am sure that you will be able to fully satisfy this incredible desire of mine.

Also in this case I ask you to never stop and slowly go down towards my beautiful belly; it makes me crazy to feel the tongue of a real man like you slowly running all over my body and getting ready to savor my hot potato, which absolutely must be fucked by your mouth.

I ask you to be sweet when you lick my pussy, because I want to savor every single moment of pleasure while you tease me and make me feel intense feelings of pleasure.

I want your mouth to be synonymous with maximum pleasure without any limits, so play with these parts of my body until I am literally mad with pleasure and please, when I start to enjoy, smash me with your tongue.

I want to get completely wet thanks to your beautiful mouth which must be able to offer me the extreme and unique pleasure that only a curvy and horny woman like me wants to experience.

Contact me without hesitation, I have a queue

Of course I also ask you to play with my nice ass, always using your mouth.

Allow me to experience moments of extreme pleasure while you lick it as hard as possible, as if there is no tomorrow, offering me a feeling of immense pleasure that must never stop.

Only in this way do I prepare to ride you with so much pleasure and I want to make sure that every single moment can be lived to the fullest by you.

Finally, choose which part of the body you want to squirt with: your fetishist suggests you her beautiful feet, since I want to make you squirt with them, but you can also make your choice fall on the other parts of the body, obviously only if you can make me enjoy with your beautiful mouth.

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