I certainly cannot deny that in my life I have not tried everything, in bed: between extreme experiences, special female friendships and practices of all kinds, I have taken away all kinds of satisfaction.

If there is, however, a unique and unparalleled thrill that I cannot do without, unleashing an endless passion in me, it is what I feel when a man licks my beautiful feet.

I am a real perfectionist with regards to what I consider to be refined and intriguing pleasure tools, to the point that I spend a lot of time a day taking care of my feet: applying nail polish, filing my nails, making the soles very soft and massaging them with special creams, I spend many hours a week on them, but it’s worth it, because there is no man on the face of the earth who could resist my feet.

In fact, they have become succulent morsels, to be savored slowly, and it is precisely to grant this privilege to some very lucky stranger that I write this appeal, eager to let anyone who has the courage to contact me taste them.

Perhaps, if you are still reading me on this page, you are intrigued, but you are a prisoner of the labels that society establishes; well, I advise you to tear them up and not to listen to the morality of ordinary people, that does nothing but damage: do what you believe without bringing problems whatsoever and contact me!

You will find yourself a beautiful woman, with a soft but firm body, with a pair of sexy feet all to lick; you will be able to pass your tongue along their entire length, lingering where you like most and carefully exploring each of my ten, magnificent fingers; the big toe asks nothing but to be sucked with pleasure, it is waiting for you and the undersigned is waiting for a person capable of adoring my feet, smelling them until they are satisfied.

Give yourself this delicious whim, contact me and give me that special thrill that I am looking for and that only in this way I am sure to find …

Carlotta, expert in extreme fetishism

My name is Carlotta and I am an expert and extreme fetishist who has a crazy desire to make the relationship perfectly intense and above all rich in many practices all different from each other, able to transform every single moment into a real moment of pleasure that succeeds to be extremely pleasant.

I am a woman who loves to madness to subdue other men and make sure that every moment can turn out to be pleasant, perfect and unique from every point of view, making sure that this can remain well imprinted in your mind.

If you love bondage or other practices that are intense and extreme, you have the opportunity to live with me, the true goddess of hardcore fetishism, unique from every point of view.

I love to see you completely submissive to my sensual way of doing and at the same time very extreme and devoid of any constraints: I simply want to see how much your body can resist all the practices I want to subject it to, making every moment perfect and devoid of any kind. of a moment of little use and pleasure in our relationship.

From the adoration of my feet to trampling with heels, obviously passing to the classic bondage practices complete with extreme punishments are just some of the different types of relationships that I want to have with you, making sure that every moment is pleasant and able to reflect all my different needs.

Let your mind be totally free and at the same time be focused on the pursuit of this pleasure which I consider as unique and unconstrained.

With me you have the real opportunity to enjoy without complications of various kinds and above all you also have a certain degree of freedom, which allows you to feel yourself and above all that leaves very little room for doubts about the quality of our relationship.

Let me enjoy: I am Carlotta, a fetish goddess who has a great desire to make intercourse pleasant in every respect and at the same time I intend to live every single moment in the best way, allowing you to discover new ways to achieve intense pleasure without of dead moments.

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